From hydraulic system adjustment and maintenance to making factory-quality assemblies on the field, Gates manufactures hydraulic equipment and hose crimpers to improve your operational capacity and system service life with ease. Cut through tough hoses with portable Power Cutter and Gates hose saws, or create factory-grade assemblies with Gates hydraulic hose crimpers and equipment are designed to instantly crimp hoses and couplings onsite. Go portable, digital or powerful to create your perfect hydraulic hose assembly with Gates crimpers and hydraulic equipment.

Here at Parker Hydraulics we use Gates crimpers and cutters to produce all hose assemblies in house, providing you with pieceof mind that what we have produced has been be made with a quality product using their specific tools adhering to ISO regulations and full health and safety regulations, we follow Gates safe hydraulics protocols.

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Crimpers & Starter Kits

Crimper Starter Kits

We also have can supply crimper starter kits to businesses that require the option to make their own hoses on site. Our crimper packages, include both hose, fittings and adaptors to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Crimpers & Starter Kits

Crimper Training

To ensure you know what you are doing, we can also provide on-site or virtual hydraulic crimper training, ensuring you understand best practice when it comes to using your new machine.

Top Selling Crimpers & Starter Kits

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Crimpers & Starter Kits

Hydraulic Crimper Training

Here at Parker Hydraulics, we can offer Hydraulic Crimper Training for your Gates crimper and cutter. Setting you up with the correct information when it comes to producing your own hose assemblies on site. During the training we will:

  • Identify key components of a typical hydraulic system and explain their function
  • Understand basic safety issues associated with hydraulic systems
  • Duplicate existing hydraulic assemblies using theS․T․A․M․P․E․D․procedure
  • Inspect systems for problematic hose routing and identify potential hose failures
  • Complete Hands-on assembly fabrication and coupling identification
  • Utilise various accessories to maximise the life of hydraulic assemblies on equipment

If you are interested in any of our training services then please get in contact today to book your place.

Crimpers & Starter Kits

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