Parker Hydraulics & Pneumatics stocks and supplies an extensive range of pneumatic cylinders from leading manufacturers including Festo, Norgren and AirTAC.

Pneumatic cylinders – sometimes known as pneumatic actuators or drives, are a component that uses compressed air to provide a motion or force to a variety of applications. Typical application areas for pneumatic cylinders include clamping, lifting, pushing, pulling, feeding and many others.

You can get both single acting and double acting cylinders along with the relevant mountings, brackets, and accessories to suit. Pneumatic cylinders come in a variety of different options including profile cylinders, roundline cylinders, compact cylinders and rodless cylinders. Many meet ISO/VDMA standards. Pneumatic cylinders are available in various sizes from 6mm to 320mm bore.

Pneumatic Cylinders

Profile Cylinders

Profile cylinders provide linear motion, energy is applied through fast movement of the pistons via compressed air. The profile barrel has been designed to facilitate easy fitting and commissioning and to assist in service replacement. They also conform to ISO 15552 (ISO 6431, VDMA 24562).

Pneumatic Cylinders

Roundline Cylinders

Roundline cylinders are suited to lower force applications, they come in both single acting and double acting versions and some also conform to the ISO6432 standard.

Pneumatic Cylinders

Rodless Cylinders

Rodless cylinders do not have a piston rod, however they still execute a linear motion (this is why they are also known as linear drives). The connection to the piston is either mechanical or magnetic. They are mostly used in applications where longer travel distances are required.

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Pneumatic Cylinder Services Available from Parker Hydraulics

Parker Hydraulics can provide 3 services to guide you in choosing the right pneumatic cylinder for your application. Our trained experts are always here to help, we offer technical advice over the phone, by email or if local to us we can provide specification and advice on site. This ensures we specify the correct pneumatic cylinder based on your application. We can provide data sheets to aid correct detection of the parts required for your project, and to satisfy certification needs. Lastly we can provide and use technical drawings to guide your project ensuring approval before items are ordered and/or assembled.

Pneumatic Cylinders


Pneumatic Cylinders

Technical Drawings

Pneumatic Cylinders FAQs

A pneumatic cylinder is used in a variety of different applications including clamping, lifting, pushing, pulling, feeding and many others.

A pneumatic cylinder work by compressed air being applied to a piston rod. A single acting cylinder has one port and returns via an internal spring.

Hydraulic cylinders are operated via hydraulic fluid whereas pneumatic cylinders are operated from air. Typically, hydraulic cylinders are used when a higher force is required but not in all cases. Pneumatic cylinders have the advantage of being cleaner, smoother, and faster.

We supply from 5mm to 320mm bore and strokes up to 8000mm.

Pneumatic Cylinders

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