With a wealth of expertise in partnering with businesses across a wide range of industries, such as commercial, food, packaging, renewables, and environmental sectors, Parker Hydraulics is well-equipped to understand and address the distinct challenges and demands of today’s dynamic markets. Our team is dedicated to assisting you in accomplishing your goals and meeting your specific needs and requirements.

Whether you require innovative pneumatic and hydraulic solutions for efficient operations, reliable equipment for food processing, sustainable packaging solutions, or environmentally-conscious solutions, we have the experience and knowledge to deliver outstanding results. Trust Parker Hydraulics to be your reliable partner in achieving success in your industry.

Agricultural & Environmental

As a Gates partner for over 40 years, we strive to support the ever-changing world of agriculture and the environment. Gates hose and hydraulic solutions deliver the performance and reliability you need to power your farm machinery through every season. Our team of engineers regularly guide, supply and advise on all types of hydraulic and industrial hose, fittings and adaptors designed topower and operate all parts of your farms machinery.

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Food & Packaging

An industry that demands high throughput, quality, and safety. At Parker Hydraulics we can offer food grade industrial hoses, clean power transmission solutions and pneumatically operated air preparation systems all if which have been engineered to reduce maintenance, decrease the risk of contamination, improve production whilst providing full support to businesses like yours.

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Industrial & Logistics

The UK freight and logistics market is segmented by function (freight transport, freight forwarding, warehousing, and value-added services and others. Hydraulic failure or unexpected downtime can have serious cost implications for businesses reliant on commercial transport vehicles. Here at Parker Hydraulics, we partner with industry leaders in both pneumatics and hydraulics who are paving the way in innovation of a net zero future.

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Oil, Gas & Renewables

We offer end to end industrial and hydraulic hose solutions designed to cope with the pressures of the challenging environment which is the oil and gas industry. Our hoses and connectors have been tested to the highest standard to ensure they are safe, reliable and efficient as we know your field operations can’t afford downtime.

Whether you are drilling, hydraulic fracturing, refining or researching we have got you covered. We offer just in time production on all hose assemblies and hydraulic kits produced in house in our unit based in Norwich. Why not get in touch for a free quotation.

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