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August 28, 2019
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Did you know…

Parker Hydraulics and Pneumatics are the sole UK distributor of Brand Hydraulics valves and controllers.

Since 2013 Parkers have been importing Brand Hydraulic products from the factory In Omaha, Nebraska, USA.

A brief history of Brand Hydraulics Corporation

Brand Hydraulics was founded in 1956 by Glen Brand and his wife Mary Lou. Having won the 1948 Olympic Gold Medal in London, England in free-style wrestling, Glen studied engineering at Iowa State. Since Glen’s passing in 2008 the company has been run by their son, Greg Brand.

In 1997, Brand began to design and incorporate electronic controllers and custom wiring harnesses into their product line. Brand is committed to the future of hydraulics and electro-hydraulic components and continues to develop hydraulic valves, electronic controllers and products which incorporate both (electro-hydraulics).

In 2015 a range of wireless radio remote controls were added to the range, the V & RP Series can be viewed here https://www.brand-hyd.com/wfData/files/news/Wireless-Remote-Control-5-16.pdf

Brand Hydraulics specialise in Flow Control Valves, the Brand full range pressure compensating variable flow control is designed so that the orifice area varies as the lever is rotated. Fluid travels past the variable orifice, through the compensator spool and then out the controlled flow port. Therefore the flow out of the CF port is proportional to the orifice area, which can vary from closed to open.

The manual FC51 / FC55 flow control valve

One of the first products developed by Brand

Parkers stock the Brand Flow Control Valves in both manual and electrical control options in the UK and have access to the full range of products that can be viewed at www.brand-hyd.com/products/


If you would like more information on Brand Hydraulics valves please contact the Parker in house technical sales team today on 01603 403190 or visit our webshop to purchase today www.parkerhydraulicsshop.co.uk/collections/brand-hydraulics